Areas of advice

General Advisory for Commercial Companies

Advisory on the commercial companies’ incorporation and subsequent control and monitoring thereof. Advisory of the decision, administration and management bodies. Preliminary studies on specific matters of the business. Legal advisory of new projects and initiatives. Protection of the partners’ rights and especially of the minority partner’s right. Council Secretary and Companies Legal Advisor. All these professional services are provided in close cooperation with other areas of the firm, such as tax or criminal areas.

Commercial Contracts

Advisory on all kinds of commercial contracts subject to the national, community or international law.


Advisory for foreign investments in Spain and Spanish investments abroad, as well as for the legal structures through which the investments are made. Legal assistance for all kinds of economic transactions with foreign countries, including loan returns, credits, technical assistances and other operations of collections and payments made by residents or non-residents.

Family business

Legal advisory to family businesses especially insisting on the configuration aspects thereof. Drafting of Family Records, Adaptation of Para-social Covenants and corporate bodies. Inter-department performance with Tax law area, Inheritance Civil law area, Commercial law area and corporate government.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Zurbano & Caracas Abogados experience in mergers and acquisitions includes the participation of its lawyers in operations relating to acquisition and business disinvestment, management buyouts or advisory to various institutions on venture capital transactions.

Civil Law

Legal services for all areas of civil law: property ̧ leasing, in rem rights, family rights, successions, civil contracts.

Law of Real Estate and Construction

Asesoramiento jurídico en la promoción y gestión inmobiliaria, con especial dedicación a negocios relacionados con la industria hotelera y turística. Contratación relacionada con la construcción: contratos de obras, de proyectos y de asistencias técnicas.

Foundations and Patronage

Legal advisory on the constitution and development of Foundations and of the Patronages activities. Advisory on investments regulated by the patronage legislation.

Matrimonial Law and Common-law Couples

Litigious and amicable proceedings in matters of separation, nullity or divorce; marriage articles, settlement of couple’s agreements as to matrimonial assets; common-law couples’ rights and advisory on legislation innovations.

Successions and Inheritances

Assistance and advisory on the drafting of last wills, hereditary proceedings, appointment of the testamentary executor and/or partitioner, as well as amicable or legal proceedings and testamentary executions.

Health Law

The firm, with the guarantee granted by the membership to the National Association of Health Law (Asociación Nacional de Derecho Sanitario), offers solutions to the problems imposed by the regulation in force and its case-law interpretation to any kind of health institution and private party affected (liability claims, administrative claims, preparation of legal protocols and wording of informed consents); in the pharmaceutical sector, the firm has experience in the management of transfer and transmissions transactions.

Artistic and Sport Representation

The firm offers comprehensive advisory services and representation to sportsmen/women and professional artists, under the consolidated experience in this field, having worked with important clients belonging to sports, record, theatre and cinema fields.

Administrative Law

Advisory to public bodies and entities and to private limited companies and individuals on their relationship with the Administration. Advisory on administrative contracts. Matters of jurisdiction, constitutionality and accordance with the international community regulations. Legal actions before the Public Administrations and defence contentious-administrative proceedings of the private parties’ actions against the Administration.

Energy Law

Advisory to companies related to the energy sector in both fields energy production and development and distribution.

Legal Proceedings

Once the phase of mediation has finished when trying to reach conciliatory positions between the parties, the law firm gives assistance in the defence of the clients in legal proceedings before the civil or commercial jurisdiction; in first instance and on appeal before the Regional Courts and, if applicable, further appeals before high bodies such as the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court.


Intervention in arbitration proceedings, at law or in equity, as Arbitrators, either appointed by certain Bodies (the Spanish CCI, International Commerce Chamber, the Spanish TAB Arbitration Court of Barcelona), or directly by the parties. Filing of arbitrations and performance as a Lawyer in them.

Tax Law

Comprehensive tax advisory of companies and individuals. Taxation of restructuring operations, assistance in inspections and tax proceedings. Preparation, submission and follow-up of returns of the various personal and company taxes. Assistance in economic-administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.

Labour Law and Social Security

Advisory and defence in all kinds of matters related to the Labour Law and the Social Security. Acting in the name and on behalf of the client before the Social Jurisdiction in the exercise of the different actions contained in the labour proceedings, furthermore and among other actions, representing our clients before the Labour Authority, employment, collective negotiation, actions relating to Labour Inspection and all kinds of managements before Labour Bodies (both Regional and National) and the Social Security.

Criminal Law

Advisory, defence and claims on matters relating the field of the economic and company Criminal Law (frauds, corporate crimes, environmental crimes, against the public finances, crimes against the intellectual and industry property), as well as the crimes related to the Public administrations.

Nota legal

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